The whole world thought that after the overthrow of the Taliban regime, the Afghan women would be finally liberated of the burka and might take a normal life and at liberty. But the things did not change, what really happened was that a fundamentalist regime changed for other one : the Alliance of the north, as brutal and misogynous as the Taliban regime.

The Afghan women continue living without rights in a country that, in the eyes of the international community, possesses a "democratic" government. The Alliance of the north and the Taliban have the same mentality. They keep the women's violations, the arrests and the murders. 60 % of the Afghan marriages is arranged. Many women choose the suicide, autoimmolating, to escape the hell of their lives.

These women were rescued of the flames. Some of them were autoimmolated, their husbands tried to burn others alive, because they contradict them.

Women can neither study nor work. They can neither go out alone nor doing noise when walking. They can not be treated by masculine doctors, can not appear in their windows, can not wearing high heels. They must use necessarily the burka, a kind of portable shroud, which covers them from the head to the feet and that makes breathing difficulty.

Women receive scourges and insults publicly if they do not use the burka or if their ankles are seen. The same thing, if they go out without the company of a man of their family. They can not use cosmetics (if they painted their nails, their fingers are amputated). Women can not laugh loudly (as if they had some motive for doing it !). They can not speak with any man, who is not a male relative of within his family.

It is prohibited to women to assist at public meetings. They are prohibited also to practice sports. Prohibited to take a taxi without a male relative escort. Prohibited to take a bicycle. Prohibited to wash clothes in rivers or public places. Prohibited to use public baths. Prohibited to appear on the balconies of their houses.

They have prohibited to use flared trousers, though under a burka. Prohibited to use dresses in showy colors. Prohibited to make photos. Prohibited to listen music and to watch television (this is for men and women). The women surprised in adultery are stoned to death. These are only some of the rules of the fundamentalist government for women. For men there are rules also, but they are neither so many nor so strict.

In Afghanistan, there are neither banks nor modern mass media. "El País" newspaper is almost totally in ruins. They hung on the trees ruined televisions and videotapes, as evidence of the "defeat of the sin". Every Friday, executions and public mutilations are celebrated in sports stadiums, where the children are forced to go. 80 % of the population suffers from mental disorders.

Thousands of children from 9 to 12 years are employed 12 hours a day at factories, to help to survive their families. The women widows who have lost their relatives in the war, they starved to death, since it is not allowed them to work, nor to go out alone. Some of them risk to go out to beg, running the risk of being beat or murdered.

The children in almost the whole world draw to their family, their house, their pet, etc. These are some of the drawings of the Afghan children :

Which mother could smile after having seen these drawings?

Source : Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)


RAWA is an independent sociopolitical organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan.