Biodiversity - Koala : threatened Australian symbol

koala20.jpg 30/05/11 - The Australian scientists alert on the fast decrease of the number of koalas...

Experts say it's hard to predict the total number of koalas in Australia, but it's likely to be somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 - and in some areas, numbers have dropped by as much as 80% in the last 10 years (Dr Clive McAlpine, University of Queensland).

If declines continue it will only be a matter of time before the koala is nationally listed as a threatened species.

The destruction of koala habitat is caused by :

- urban spread,
- industrialization,
- agricultural practices.

Otherwise :

- The diseases, caused most of the time by the bacterium chlamydia, are also a plague for the marsupials.

- The climate change could again aggravate their situation. The koala feeds only on eucalyptus, leaves bring them at the same time drinking and eating. If trees were running out, the koala would seriously be threatened.

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- Koalas are unable to cope with successive hot days of more than 30°C. Climate change would reduce their range severely, pushing them towards heavily urbanised eastern coastal areas, where there is little habitat available and they face the additional dangers of cars and dogs…

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Christine Hosking, who is researching a PhD on the subject at Queensland University, said : « This species is supposed to be common, yet it's slipping to extinction under our noses. »

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Australia : a fireman shares his bottle with a koala

koala6.jpg 11/02/09 - The fires in Australia made devastations : about 200 deaths, 1.000 destroyed houses, 365.000 hectares of bush left in smoke...

But in this drama, there are also beautiful stories and strong images to be held.

An Australian fireman made a round when he crossed the poor koala. He gave him to drink some water from the bottle, as a feeding-bottle.

« It was incredible, he turned all around, he sat down and looked at me », told David Tree, the fireman who gave him to drink.

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« I asked for a bottle of water. I uncorked the bottle, placed it against her lips and he took it quite naturally. He hung on the bottle as little a baby. »

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Fire brigades called the authorities in charge of the animal protection. He is at present in a center for severes burns. They will care of him until finding a new habitat. And that won't be simple because the region was destroyed.

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We belong to an ecological system that includes all the animals and plants of the planet; therefore, we are a part of it, not their owners.

When we have thrown the last tree, contaminated the last river, and exterminated the animal species, we will understand that the money does not replace them.

« It is not possible to defend what is not loved and it is not possible to love what is not known ».

Our well-being and economy depend on our mother nature.

Not to protect her is going to cost us very expensive.

The trees are life. Without trees there is no life.

Rich is not the one that has any more material things, but the one that can live with the indispensable things, coexisting with the nature and achieving his freedom, leaving his slavery to the money that turns insatiably the man, provoking the pollution in his state of mind and in his body.

Ing. Carlos Padilla Massieu - Arboricultura Urbana y Paisajes - México