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Word 2003 - Mail Merge

One popular use of the Mail Merge feature is to create « form letters ». Mail Merge allows you to set up one letter (your main document) using information from a « database ».

After doing your business letter or other document in Word, you fill your data source in an Excel spreadsheet with information about the recipient’s name, address and other pre-defined and supported data.

base des données

There are three documents involved in the mail merge process : your main document, your data source and your merged document.

base des données
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Mail Merge Process

Open your main document (Word). From the « Tools » menu select « Letters and Mailings » and « Mail Merge ».

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The Mail Merge task pane appears : Select « document type », and « Letters ».
The click : « Next : Starting document ».

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Under : « Select starting document », take «Use the current document».
Then click : « Next : Select recipients ».

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Under : « Select recipients », select « Use an existing list ».
To retrieve an existing recipient list, click : « Browse ».

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The Select Data Source dialog box appears. Do not select the first option.

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From the Look in pull-down list, locate and select the file you will use for your list and click « open ».

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Select which recipient you want to include in your mail merge.

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The Mail Merge Recipients dialog box appears and click « OK ».

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Click : « Next : Write your letter ».

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Click : « More Items ».

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The Insert Merge Field dialog box appears and click : « variable fields ».
Then insert the variable fields you need. You can insert all of your fields and then go back and add any spaces or punctuation or you can insert one field at a time. You can repeat this step for each additional merge field that you want to insert.

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When finished, click : « Next : Preview your letters ».

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Then click : « Next : Complete de merge ».
Do not close your file to edit the merge.

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Editing Merged Document

Click : « Edit individual letters ». Select this option to display the merged document on your screen.

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The Merge to New Document dialog box appears : « Choose the records to merge » or click « All ».

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The documents are merged to a new Word document. You can print or save one letter with different information for each record in the database or table. So it enables users to send a similar letter or document to multiple recipients.

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Summary of Commands

1) Tools
2) Letters and Mailings
3) Mail Merge
4) Letters -- > Next : Starting document
5) Starting document -> Next : Select recipients
6) Use an existing list -> Browse
7) Next : Write your letter
8) More Items --> insert the variable fields
9) Next : Preview your letters
10) Next : Complete de merge
11) Edit individual letters
12) Choose the records to merge to a new Word document