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Work schedules

08.30h – (about) Arrival to the office
09.00h – Information about wealth colleagues and presenting respects to the boss office (Knowledge of the business environment)
09.15h – A stimulating little coffee
09.45h – Pee break
10.00h – Press review, latest news and comments
10.30h – Reviewing the new files
11.00h – Arranging the new files
11.30h – Planning lunch

12.00h ΰ 14.00h – Lunch

14.00h – (about) Come back to the office
14.15h – Digestion, heavy eyelids, lethargy… a little nap is necessary !
15.00h – Brutal awakening
15.30h – Extensive study of my horoscope and T.V. programs
16.00h – Planning the next week-end
16.30h – Distribution of sensitive files to newly-hired employees
17.00h – Thoroughly cleaning of working place
18.00h – (o’clock) Ready to go !

Notice to Visitors

Friendly visits

10 minutes

Sellers with « opportunities »


Life insurance agents

15 seconds

Wine sellers with free samples

2 hours

Friends with « excellent affairs »

1 second

Friends who invite us to lunch

2 hours

Friends wanting to speak about football

Almost all day

Debtors coming to pay

All day


8 hours


There is no time


All night

Financial Inspectors

Tomorrow all day

Always give 100%
at work:
12% Monday
23% Tuesday
40% Wednesday
20% Thursday
5% Friday