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Some day

Some day, when you will feel very valuable;
Some day, when your ego will be flourishing;
Some day, when you will think, presumptuous,
That you are the best of those presents;
Some day, when you’ll believe that
Your absence will leave an emptiness difficult to fill,
This simple example you have to follow
And your soul will be filled with humility.

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Stick your hand until you wet your wrist,
Take it out, and the hole that remains in it,
It is the measure of the void that you leave behind.

You can splash as you wish,
You can shake all the water in there,
But stop, and you will see that at that moment
Everything is the same as it was before.

The moral of this exquisite archaism is :
Do honestly as much as you can,
And although you feel proud of yourself,
Remember that nothing in this world is