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Kennedy and Lincoln :
A list of enigmatic coincidences

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1 - Both presidents' last names have 7 letters.

2 - Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives in 1846, Kennedy in 1946.

3 - Lincoln was elected to the presidency in 1860, Kennedy in 1960.

4 - Both were involved in the defense of the civil rights.

5 - Lincoln defends the abolition of slavery and Kennedy defends the emancipation of the Blacks.

6 - Both presidents had a son die during their presidency.

7 - Both were murdered on Friday.

8 - Both were murdered by a bullet at the back of the head.


9 - Both were murdered in presence of their wives who were next to them.

10 - Both their Vice Presidents and successors were Southern Democrats named Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnsonwho were born in 1808 and 1908.

11 - Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre; Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in a Lincoln automobile, made by Ford.


12 - After shooting Lincoln, Booth ran from a theater to a warehouse; after shooting Kennedy, Oswald ran from a warehouse to a theater.

13 - Both murderers were known by their three names. Both full names have 15 letters.

14 - The murderer of Lincoln (John Wilkes Booth) was born in 1839 and the murderer of Kennedy (Lee Harvey Oswald) was born in 1939.

John Wilkes Booth - Lee Harvey Oswald

15 - Both assassins were Southern white males born in the late '30s, who were in their mid-20s, and were 5'8" in height with hazel eyes and brown hair.

16 - Both murderers were shot down before having been judged.

17 - Both presidents had been captains of ships in their private lives: Lincoln on a river boat, and Kennedy on PT-109 (patrol-torpedo boat).


18 - Each president suffered from a genetic disease. Lincoln had Marfan's syndrome. Kennedy had Addison's disease.

19 - Both presidents were known for their wit and eloquence, and both frequently quoted Shakespeare and the Bible in their speeches.

20 - Presidential security was heavily criticized, after each assassination, for being too lax. Both body guards named William died within 48 hours of being aged 75 years, 5 months.

21 - The doctors who primarily attended to each president were both named Charles. Dr. Charles Leale treated Lincoln. Dr. Charles Crenshaw treated Kennedy.

22 - Each president died in a place with the initials "P.H." Lincoln died at the Petersen House and Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital.

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