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Bossís Rules

1) The Boss is right!

2) The Boss is always right!

3) In the impossible hypothesis that a subordinate may be right, return to rule 1).

4) The Boss does not eat, he feeds himself.

5) The Boss does not drink, he tastes.

6) The Boss does not sleep, he rests.

7) The Boss is never late, he is delayed elsewhere.

8) The Boss never leaves his work, his attention is required elsewhere.

9) The Boss never takes liberties with his secretary, he educates her.

10) The Boss never reads the paper in his office, he studies.

11) Whomsoever may enter the boss's office with an idea of his own must leave the office with the Boss's ideas.

12) The Boss is always chief, even in his bathing togs.

13) Who criticizes the Boss wonít have profits.

14) The Boss is obliged to think instead of others.