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Against boredom

The first thing that it is necessary to do when you are bored is to do anything. It is the simplest, radical and almost infallible remedy against the boredom. But, for the majority of us, it is almost impossible to do.

Sit down and observe the ramblings of your mind. Watch over your customs day after day. It is necessary that you know yourself.

To see you get bored is the first step to open the door for your unexplored potential. Observes as you act habitually and you will begin to have different experiences in your solitary knowledge.

Your boring world will become wider and more interesting.

To have a happy life, it is necessary to possess a certain power to support the boredom; then, the world-weariness is an inevitable part of life.

A generation unable to support tedium will be a generation of little men.

“Do nothing with nobody all alone by yourself,”
by Robert Paul Smith, 1958